The most important resource of the 21st century

The digital transformation of our life radically changes the dissamination and use of knowledge


Knowledge transfer at all levels

The digital transformation of our lives radically changes the forms of production, dissemination and exploitation of knowledge. In the last two centuries, means of production provided a considerable competitive advantage over a longer period of time, but today it is the knowledge and the social skills of employees. In industry 4.0, knowledge is the most critical resource for success.

We provide knowledge transfer and "social skills" at all levels - in lectures and seminars for management as well as in courses at universities:  We impart up-to-date factual knowledge, which grows with enormous speed you change, comprehensible experience knowledge and the knowledge of connections and applications.


Top presentations for top management

As a speaker and participant in panel discussions, Ulrich Clef has been a guest at numerous congresses and corporate events for many years. He presents business-to-business events - from congresses to awards ceremonies - as well as on TV and radio.

This is a selection of current lecture topics:
Future trends in communication and marketing, digital transformation, artificial intelligence and the effects on our living and working environment, smart life, personal branding: personality marketing, internal communication, rhetoric and presentation, radio marketing...



Since graduating from the University of Cologne, Ulrich Clef has been teaching at various universities, state and private colleges and other private educational institutions.

In addition to the "traditional" topics from business administration, marketing, communication and media or multimedia, Ulrich Clef's research and teaching areas include case studies for large media and internet companies such as Google and Red Bull Media House, organisations such as ZVEI Bayern and the development of marketing concepts for start-ups. Ulrich Clef was nominated several times for the Rosenheim University prize for outstanding teaching.

There is no second chance for a good impression

In today's media society, no one can afford a failed performance. A convincing personal presence strengthens your profile - no matter whether it's a presentation to employees or customers or a conversation with the media. A positive and authentic appearance says more than a thousand words.

We design individual individual and group training sessions for you - tailored to your specific needs. The coaching sessions are carried out by Ulrich Clef and - if required - specialist partners. As media professionals, we provide you with the know-how and rhetorical skills to successfully position your message with colleagues, business partners, customers and journalists.

Ulrich Clef

is a graduate in business administration (Diplom-Kaufmann) and studied business administration at the University of Cologne with a focus on marketing & market research, industrial management and economic & social psychology.

Since 1993 Ulrich Clef has been managing partner of c/c/c GmbH with headquarters in Munich.

As an entrepreneur, Ulrich Clef participates in new business projects and knows the start-up scene in Germany as well as San Francisco Bay Areaa - Silicon Valley.

As keynote speaker and speaker at companies and congresses Ulrich Clef talks about topics such as digital transformation, the effects of artificial intelligence on our future life and work, etc. Click here for an overview of Ulrich Clef's current lecture topics.

As coach and consultant Ulrich Clef is available to entrepreneurs, companies, organisations and start-ups.

As a temporary manager, Ulrich Clef supports companies with transformation processes or personnel bottlenecks.

Ulrich Clef is a lecturer in the fields of media, communication, marketing, business administration and business psychology at several universities. Click here for an overview of Ulrich Clef's current courses.

As a trainer, Ulrich Clef trains managers in rhetoric and behavior in the media (media training), among other things.


Click here to access Ulrich Clef's curriculum vitae.