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Communication & Content

Contemporary communication strategies, cross-media communication, unmistakable content. We design and produce multimedia products for our customers: print, websites, social media, TV and radio.

Digital Business

Our life and work is in the midst of a digital transformation. We are at your disposal as consultants, coaches, interim and project managers as well as angel investors.


We impart practical and theoretical know-how in the fields of marketing, media and digitalisation - in lectures and seminars for management as well as in courses at universities.

Communication for companies and brands

"One-way communication" is out! And as a result of the social media, communication is no longer controllable by the sender. We know the requirements of modern communication:

Extremely complex communication strategies to reach all stakeholders - from customers to influencers to employees -, the need to offer high-quality,"unique" content combined with the trend from push-to-pull communication, the continuing increase in the importance of social media, the trend towards increased moving image offerings, cross-media distribution via as many relevant communication channels as possible, and the increasing individualization or personalization of communication through digitization and targeting. We know how! More about this...


Managing Digital Transformation and Disruption

Keywords such as "Digital Transformation" and "Disruption" symbolize the ever faster pace of change in almost all areas of the economy. As an established company, you can face the current challenges with our support. Or start a new business with us. We offer consulting, coaching, management and angel investments. Benefit from our two decades of management experience and current know-how in media and the digital economy! More about this...


Publishing - our own media

After many years of experience in the production of media for other publishers and companies, c/c/c started to produce its own media. At present, c/c/c publishes three media brands and various individual specialist and general interest media.

The media brand Reisegenuss (magazine, website, Facebook, blog, Instagram) - the pemium travel magazine - and the media brand golfgenuss (magazine, website, Facebook) - the premium golf travel magazine as well as the two book series Top40 GolfGuides and Holiday GolfGuides, which initially appeared as "WELT EDITION" in co-branding with the same newspaper. In addition, the website and the Facebook-Page Genussfestivals, which lists all relevant culinary, wine and other festivals for connoisseurs, as well as the websites Urlaub am Kap and Golf am Kap are published for all South Africa travellers.

In the field of specialist information, c/c/c has been organising the VisionenSymposium (previously: Symposium "Visions: People. Media. Marketing") since 2003 and, since 2006, the presentation of the VisionAwards, one of the oldest and most renowned awards for start-ups that convince with innovative or disruptive business ideas. The lectures and award winners will be published online on the website, on Facebook and YouTube as well as in the blog. In addition, numerous specialist books have been published successfully. More about this...


Lectures, teaching and training

The digital transformation of our lives radically changes the forms of production, dissemination and exploitation of knowledge. In the last two centuries, the means of production provided a considerable competitive advantage over a longer period of time, but today it is the knowledge and "social skills" of the employees. In industry 4.0, knowledge is the most critical resource for success.

We provide knowledge transfer and "social skills" at all levels - in lectures and seminars for management as well as in courses at universities:  We impart up-to-date factual knowledge, which grows with enormous speed you change, comprehensible experience knowledge and the knowledge of connections and applications. More about this...


News from c/c/c  

June 2020: The current cross-media Wirecard campaign for 21legal starts  +++  May 2020: visions_after_work goes online  +++ February 2020: The new dieselgate campaign starts  +++  January 2020: Launch of the Digital Business School Cape Town  +++  December 2019: Opening of our new Work & Life Space Cape Town  +++  December 2019: Launch of the new website for Abacus Insurance Brokerage  +++  November 2019: The new eMags of travel pleasure and golf pleasure on Readly  +++  October 2019: The new dieselgate campaign starts  +++  September 2019: VisionenSymposium_19 & VisionAwards_19 in Cologne  +++  July 2019: We welcome our new client ARDO medical (brochures, photo production, advertising)  +++  June 2019: Another website for our client 21legal goes online  +++  May 2019: Opening of our big Eigirdas Scinskas exhibition in Munich  +++  May 2019: The website for our new Digital Business School Cape Town premieres  +++  April 2019: Nannini glasses exclusively in our online shop and on nannini-brillen. de  +++  March 2019: Presentation of the new Digital Business School Cape Town  +++  February 2019: The new dieselgate cross-media campaign starts (print, radio, online)  +++  November 2018: The completely new online shop of travel enjoyment, golf enjoyment and enjoyment festivals, www.reise-genuss.shop, goes online  +++  November 2018: The first Dieselgate Symposium, designed and organised by c/c/c, takes place in Munich for the first time  +++  October 2018: The additional website www.schaedler-recht.de goes online  +++  October 2018: The new website www.aktienklage.de, conceived and designed by c/c/c, goes online  +++  Augist 2018: The large cross-media advertising campaign in radio, print, TV, web and social media for dieselgate and 21legal starts  +++  July 2018: The new website www.dieselgate, conceived and designed by c/c/c. info goes online +++ June 2018: VisionSymposium_18 and presentation of the VisionAwards_18  +++  April 2018: c/c/c presents the new corporate design of 21legal Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft  +++  April 2018: The new issue of golfgenuss is published  +++  January 2018: The new issue of Reisegenuss is published  +++  January 2018: The new year starts with lots of new websites: Now also the new, very extensive new website ra-lachmair.de, designed and realized by c/c/c, is online  +++  January 2018: The English version of visionaward.de goes online  +++  January 2018: The English version of clef.de goes online  +++  31.01.18: The new issue of Reisegenuss is published   +++   January 2018: The new year starts with plenty of new websites: Now also the new, from c/c/c conceived and realized, extensive new Website ra-lachmair.de is online   +++   January 2018: The english version of visionaward.de goes online   +++   January 2018: The english version of clef.de goes online   +++   December 2017: The new website of the attorneys schaedler-narloch.de goes online   +++   December 2017: We are again "digital nomad" and open our second Pop-up Summer Work & Life Space Cape Town - for the time being only for the South African summer season, from mid-2019 on permanent   +++   December 2017: Premiere of our new web project genussfestivals.info   +++  November 2017: visionen_after_work with a digital review of the year by Maks Giordano   +++   29.10.17: delegation trip to numerous companies in San Francisco Bay Area - Silicon Valley   +++   28.10.17: Going public of the relaunch of clef.de   +++   22.09.17: Start of the new semester with lectureships for Ulrich Clef at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences, Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln, Leipzig School of Media and Steinbeis Hochschule Berlin und München   +++   01.07.17: The summer edition of golfgenuss is published   +++   23.05.17: VisionenSymposium_17 and presentation of the VisionAwards_17   +++   20.05.17: New website www. schaedler-narloch.de - Going public after only three weeks of conception, content and programming   +++   01.07.17: The spring issue of golfgenuss is published   +++   20.03.17: Start of the new semester with lectureships for Ulrich Clef at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences, Macromedia University Munich and Cologne and Steinbeis University Berlin and Munich   +++   20.02.17: Relaunch of www.visionaward.de   +++   02.01.17: Premiere of the Pop-up Summer Work & Life Space Cape Town

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