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External and internal communication – cross-media and integrated


Content & Communication

"One-way communication" is out! And as a result of the social media, communication is no longer controllable by the sender. We know the requirements of modern communication:

Extremely complex communication strategies to reach all stakeholders - from customers to influencers to employees -, the need to offer high-quality,"unique" content combined with the trend from push-to-pull communication, the continuing increase in the importance of social media, the trend towards increased moving image offerings, cross-media distribution via as many relevant communication channels as possible, and the increasing individualization or personalization of communication through digitization and targeting. We know how.

Online & Social Media

c/c/c creates online and social media strategies for companies and other organizations. We build on the experience of the targeted conception and user-friendly implementation of numerous websites based on the content management systems Typo3, Drupal and WordPress as well as the support of various social media appearances. Depending on the requirements, we work together with selected specialists from Germany and South Africa. This enables us to implement all projects quickly, flexibly and reliably.

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Print, TV & radio

Years of work with TV and radio stations have left their "traces" on us. Use our know-how in the production of videos or audio for your corporate website, TV, YouTube or social media. Despite, or perhaps even because of, the wide range of digital media, Print continues to have its fans. The reading of a brochure, a book or a journalist for many people continues to be not only a beloved habit, but also a haptic experience. We ensure the right content, attractive design and cost-effective production.

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Even in the age of digital media and tight time budgets, personal communication has not lost any of its importance. After all, personal communication creates lasting trust and builds customer loyalty emotionally. Although the so-called touchpoints have hardly changed in recent years, the demands on events have risen. We are the right partner for all kinds of effective events - from congresses, trade fairs and incentives to evening events. No matter whether for 5 or 5000 guests.

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Exciting projects for great customers

An excerpt from the list of organisations for which c/c/c and Ulrich Clef are currently working or have worked.

13th Street / TV-Sender (Audioproduktionen, Hörspiele)   +++   21legal Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft (Corporate Design, Geschäftsausstattung, Website, Broschüren, klassische Werbung, Online-Kommunikation, Events) +++   2K Kommunikationstechnik (Corporate Design, Geschäftsausstattung)   +++   Antenne Bayern / Hörfunk (Incentives)   +++   Aral / Tankstellen (PR)   +++   ARDO medical (Werbung, Fotoproduktion)  +++   ASTO / Technologiepark (Corporate Design)  +++  Auhima (Mode und Accessoires)   +++   AUMA / Verband der Messewirtschaft (Kongresse und begleitende Ausstellungen)   +++   AVA Allgemeine Verlagsanstalt (Magazingestaltung und -produktion)   +++   BLM Bayerische Landeszentrale für Neue Medien (Kongresse und Events)   +++   BMW (Filmproduktion)   +++   Cinema Radio (Konzept und Produktion der Radio-Syndication)   +++   Comprendium Leasing (Fach-PR)   +++   Deutsche Postbank AG (Broschüren)   +++   Digitech / Konferenztechnik   +++   Domäne Einrichtungsmärkte (Audioproduktionen, Funkspots)   +++  Dresdner Bank (Corporate Books)   +++   Europa-Fachpresse-Verlag   +++   FIM Gesellschaft für Innovationsmanagement und Projektentwicklung   +++   GoldStar Radio (Studiokonzeption, Anzeigen und Broschüren)   +++  GoldStar TV (Anzeigen und Broschüren)   +++   Golfanlage Iffeldorf (Corporate Publishing und Werbung)   +++   GZM Gründerzentrum für neue Medien (Broschüren, Events und Internetauftritt)   +++   Handelsblatt Fachverlag (Buch)   +++   HypoVereinsbank/UniCredit (Golf)   +++   Helly Hansen / Sportswear (Broschüren und Geschäftsausstattung)   +++   Krups / Hausgeräte (Corporate Identity, PR, Verkaufskonzeptionen)   +++   Leading Golf Hotels (Broschüren und Werbung)   +++   LfR Landesanstalt für Rundfunk NRW   +++   Medical Park / Kliniken-Gruppe (Broschüre)   +++   Merten / Elektrotechnik (PR und Corporate Books)   +++   M'net Telekommunikation (Hörfunkwerbung und Media)   +++   Moll-Gruppe / Gewerbe-Immobilien (Beratung bei Planung sowie Anzeigen, PR und Events)   +++   Nespresso (PR Events)   +++   Papier Union (Events und Publikationen)   +++   Park Village / Gewerbe-Immobilien (Beratung sowie Werbung, PR und Events)   +++   Pfizer / Healthcare (Give-aways)   +++   Postbank Vermögensberatung (Corporate Books und Events)   +++   Pro Carton / Verband Verpackungswirtschaft (Kongress)   +++   ProSiebenSat.1 / TV (Fach-Events)   +++   Radio 2255 (Werbung)   +++   RTL2 / TV (Fach-Events)   +++   Schädler Narloch Rechtsanwälte (Corporate Design und Website)   +++   Siemens AG (Corporate Books)   +++   Siemens Financial Services (Corporate Publishing)   +++   SkyLounge Munich (Corporate Design, Broschüren, Geschäftsausstattung)   +++   Starwood Hotels & Resorts (Werbung, Publishing)   +++   United Screens / TV (Verkaufsunterlagen)   +++   Universal Studios Network / TV (Audioproduktionen)   +++    Unterföhring Park / Immobilien (Internetauftritt)   +++   VOX / TV (Kreation Funkwerbung und Media)   +++   Sibylle Weischenberg / VIP (Internet-Auftritt)   +++   Welthits der Werbung (Konzept, Produktion der Radio-Syndication, Corporate Design und Internetauftritt)   +++   Wilhelm Lachmair Rechtsanwälte (Konzeption und Design Website, klassische Werbung, Online-Kommunikation)   +++   Wild Olive / Touristik (Website)