Digital Business & Entrepreneurship course

The program of the Summer School. Here the initial information

The Digital Business course takes place during the usual holidays at German universities after the winter semester, i.e. at the end of February / beginning of March, and lasts two weeks.

Almost all course units are taught by experienced English-speaking lecturers from South African universities and companies. Ulrich Clef, managing partner of c/c/c and currently lecturer at the Rheinische FH Köln, the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Munich and the Rosenheim University of Technology (since 2009) as well as lecturer at the Leipzig School of Media and the Steinbeis University in Berlin, is in charge of the course - also on site in Cape Town.

Lesson times: Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., on the last course Friday until 2.00 p.m.. These are in two weeks with a total of 88 teaching units of 45 minutes each, corresponding to six hours per week in an entire university semester. The weekend is free to get to know the country and its people independently. There are three leisure events included in the course: a get-together on the first Monday at the beginning of the course, a city tour with township tour (probably on Friday afternoon of the first course week) and a get-together on the evening of the last course day.

The preliminary course programme

Digital Business English (18 teaching units)
International Business Knigge (2 teaching units)
New Business Development (4 teaching units)
Digital & Start-up Management (8 teaching units)
Content & Creation (6 teaching units)   
eCommerce (4 teaching units)           
SEO Search Engine Optimization (6 teaching units)
SEA Search Engine Advertising (4 teaching units)
Social Media Marketing (6 teaching units)
Mobile Marketing & Apps (6 teaching units)
Data-based marketing (6 teaching units)
Data protection in Europe (2 teaching units)
Cyber Security (4 teaching units)
Augmented & Virtual Reality (6 teaching units)
Artificial Intelligence (6 teaching units)  
Extra: Township Tour (4 teaching units)
Extra: Challenges to an African city like Cape Town (2 teaching units)           
Subject to modifications

Course date Digital Business & Entrepreneurship in Cape Town:
2 to 13 March 2020
Classes with 88 hours á 45 minutes, Township-Tour, 2 Get-Together   

Costs: 980,- €
Registration until 10.11.2019 only 930,- €
Registration until 10.10.2019 only 880,- €
Students organize their own travel, accommodation and meals at their own expense. Cape Town offers a variety of inexpensive Airbnb accommodations.

Direct contact:  mail(at)

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