Lectureships Ulrich Clef

Ulrich Clef has been a lecturer at several universities since the end of his studies.

Ulrich Clef is currently teaching at these universities on a regular basis with permanent teaching assignments:
Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences
University of Applied Sciences Cologne

In addition, there are individual courses lasting several days at other universities, such as the Leipzig School of Media and Steinbeis School of Management + Innovation Berlin.

These are the current courses of Ulrich Clef:
Case studies media and communication
Controlling in marketing management
Cross-media marketing and communication planning (MA)
Management of start-ups
Communication Management (MBA)
Management Concepts
Marketing case studies for start-ups
Media Management
Media industry and media management
Media markets and communication theories
Media markets and competitive strategy
Media Calculation
Online Media
Online Companies
Strategy and responsibility in corporate management
Strategic communication management
Convincing presentations
Creating value in business
Creating value in the media
Psychology of Business